Balok Beach



Balok Beach is one of the most attractive locations in Kuantan, Pahang. This is where our  D'Bayu @ TimurBay Guesthouse located. Balok beaches known to have beautiful scenery will create a sense of excitement among visitors.

This beautiful beach is suitable for recreation with the family, and is often used as a camping site as well as a camp of motivation.The campsite facilities provided to visitors who want to do camping activities also have safety features when their location is always regulated by beach management to avoid any harm.

In addition, being a fan of windsurfing activity, the beach also offers food stalls facilities which provide a variety of seafood-based cuisine. We will review others interest places and delicious food in other articles. Therefore, visitors should not miss the opportunity to come to Balok Beach as this location offers a different experience to visitors with other beaches around Kuantan, Pahang.